Hello friends

If you follow this path, you can learn basics of Deep learning in just 2 months.

What is the prerequisite.???

  1. You need to know basics of linear algebra (like matrix multiplication, addition etc.)
  2. basic calculus (derivative of x^2 is 2x, chain rule etc.)
  3. basics of any one pragraming language ( for loop, while loop, if, array, etc)
  4. good enthusiasm.

widely used programing language for deep learning is Python. So first Step is to learn basics of python.

STEP 1 (3 – 5 days) To Learn Python: Install this software ‘Anaconda’.  Install 3.6 version. Once you open Anaconda, there are many tools for coding. Go for ‘Spyder’. In spyder do this exercise prepared by Stanford. This exercise may take 3 -5 days if you have no knowledge of programing.

STEP 2 ( 1 month) To learn Machine Learning and Deep learning:  Now go to this course by Michael Nielsen. This course is the best available course for introductory neural networks and deep learning. No matter if you are looking for research or industry in future. This one suits both.

STEP 3 ( 2 weeks): After step 2, if you want a certificate or if you want to learn little more, than go for this course at coursera by Andrew Ng. This will give you a certificate.

STEP 4 : If you are interested in research in deep learning than go for this book by Ian Goodfellow after STEP 2.

Wish you good luck. Feel free to comment.