So you are in BSc first year and so you are thinking you have a lot of time for preparation. That is not true. Reality is JAM exam will be 2 months away and you will realize that Ohh JAM is just Two months away and I am not ready yet… So start working from this moment…

Now I will explain how to work out :

First if you don’t have big screen phone then just get print of last two- three years papers and syllabus ( available on Jam – website). After looking at syllabus and past year papers that questions are not much difficult if you have studied that particular topic nicely.

If your professors are not good enough or if you feel that you are not getting any thing from attending classes you should not attend classes, thus you will save precious time and you will not start hating that beautiful topic of mathematics.( Or if attendance is compulsory then seat at last seat and do your own work. But don’t try to look at board or listen to professor. Otherwise you will start hating real analysis, algebra, topology, combinatorics and that is really very very sad…)

Use standard text books for preparation. It happens in India that professors ask questions from his/her class notes only. Don’t worry about that. You will score enough in exams.

Good luck friends:-)

And for standard text books, refer earlier post on this blog.

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