The best places in India for master degree in maths are as below:

  • Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) admits through admission test in end of may. BTech students are eligible. Application for Admission test starts in mid March. Admission test will be real challenge 🙂

And some more…

  • IITs admits though JAM Exam. B Tech students are eligible

In above institute (except IITs ,NITs) students are paid amount ranging from 6000 to 28000 per month and in coming year it may increase. By qualifying NBHM, MSc students can get amount 6000 per month for two years of their MSc. Thus NBHM is a good source of money for those student who are not getting any amount from their institute.

How should I prepare for these Exams:

Some tests ask only calculus, analysis and algebra while some includes graph theory and basic topology also… Syllabus and previous year papers of each test will help you.

Books to read :

  • Real Analysis :

Calculus by Apostol – Volume 1 and 2. Indian version is available on Flipkart.

Principle of Mathematical Analysis By Walter Rudin This book is queen of Analysis.Try to solve at least 50% problem from exercise. Read this review and fall in love with Walter Rudin 🙂 Personally I love This book.

  • Abstract Algebra:

Algebra by Michael Artin

Contemporary Abstract algebra by Joseph A. Gallian

Undergraduate algebra by Serge Lang

Abstract Algebra by Dummit and foote. Starting few chapters only required for above tests

Topics in Algebra by I N Herstein

  • Linear algebra:

Algebra by Michael Artin

Linear algebra done right by Sheldon Axler

Linear Algebra by hoffman and kunze

  • Topology:

Topology by James Munkres

Introduction to topology and modern analysis by G F Simmons

General Topology by john kelly

JAM exam asks Vector calculus, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Deferential equation etc…Visit this page For syllabus of JAM-Ma exam and Books 

I personally believe in self preparation and no coaching.   

Some important links…

Here you will find PDF of above books.

IIT – Jam exam

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