I am a bio-medical Engineer from LD college – Gujarat and have no formal study of BSc mathematics. I was  one of that 90 students who were short-listed for interview.  My interview was very bed, I m sure that I will not get enrolled in this institute.

I am writing this blog to make u aware about what they ask in interview and what is the procedure on interview day.

I arrived TIFR campus nearly 6:00AM on 27th March 2015. TIFR has a beautiful canteen and also very affordable. Interview procedure were strated nearly after 9:30 by filling travelling allowances form. My turn was after lunch break at nearly 4 pm. There were  6 people in interview panel. First they ask us about our favorite topic. If u choose analysis then they ask question only related to analysis. If you choose other topic like Algebra then they ask one or two of algebra and than all remaining question on analysis as TIFR is a institute on applicable math. We can give answers in Hindi if not comfortable with English. They all r very friendly.

During interview we have to stand near a marker board with marker pen in one hand. Interview range from 15 minute to 50 minute.

When they asked, I  said, my favorite topic is analysis and they asked questions on analysis.

let Xn= ( 100^n ) /  2^(n^0.5)

Xn is converent or not.?

Second question was whether we can cover a plane with disjoint open disks.

third was prove that Xn=n^(1/n) , n tends to infinity  is convergent.

They give us much time and also hints.

My advice to all you is make your concepts clear on limit, continuity, uniform continuity, compactness and differentiability.

Best book for this preparation is walter rudin – principles of mathematical analysis.

Goodluck to all you.

Edit: I am unable to clear this interview 🙂

Now I m in Nit-Warangal doing MSc in Mathematics and scientific computing