I was a biomedical engineer.  Then I went to MSc in Mathematics and Scientific computing. Now I am in Ph.D. in mathematics. 🙂

If you have any questions you can ask here in the comment section. But before that, please go through my posts on this blog and also look at comments. I am sure you will get your answer.

There are thousands of people who are BTech students and looking for a career in Mathematics. It would be good if there is some kind of group of these people who can connect with each other and can help each other. To add your Name and Email Id click here.

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If you are looking for some carrier guidance on what to do after BSc, BTech, MSc etc. pardon me but I am not confident enough to guide you.

A common question that people ask is “what if I have studied math only for three semesters? Am I eligible for MSc?” My answer is you have to look into the eligibility criteria of the respective admission process. When I got admission, neither I, nor ccmn.in – which gave me admission into an NIT – looked into the criteria. To get into most MSc-in-NITs, you need BSc in math. Now a days  CCMN admission portal is not allowing BTech students to enter choices of the institutes which asks BSc. For IITs,  many IITs ask four sem study of math in bachelors, but I don’t think they ask during admission process about how many sem you studied math. This is my guess. If you are someone who studied three sem math and got admission into IIT or any other institute, please mail me at ravi.hir16@gmail.com so that I can help others clear their doubts.

For the past few years, I am studying Bitcoin and I feel that there will be plenty of opportunity for those who know technical of Bitcoin. If you want to learn about Bitcoin, look at bitcoin.page operated by Jameson Lopp ( twitter.com/lopp ). I can also help you. Contact me at ravi.hir16@gmail.com

If you want a small amount – ~10 INR worth of –  of bitcoin then EMail me, I know some people who will be happy to send you for education purpose.